Twisted Tuesday:


Twisted Tuesday:

Check out the international menu McDonald’s has that has yet to hit America’s markets. Folks, some of these items seem like quite the catch.


We Don’t say….


We Don't say....

Words and phrases such as “No Homo, Don’t be a pussy, Man up, That’s gay” are detrimental to society’s well-being because it keeps a social structure intact that says, you’re wrong for being who you are. And if it’s wrong to be yourself, then I choose to be wrong everyday. Duke University students begin a ” You Don’t Say” Campaign. Click on the picture to check out Duke University taking a stand!

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Insecurities used to be my best friend but then I realized that if I doubted myself, how could I not expect others to doubt me.

Every experience in life has flourished me in ways I would have never expected. If you would have asked me years ago would I be where and what I am today,I would have laughed and said never!

Life has been a constant roller coaster going up and down but never seeming to fail in teaching me its lesson. As a student I sit back and complain, but every experience is like a quiz to the ultimate test of life.

I’m at a point in life where I will not be an option, I am the priority. Ya know, it’s funny how life works you get put through a situation, learn from it, and then get tested again. But the difference is, this time you know better. And if you don’t notice the same signs and don’t change something, shame on you.

But through HIS grace I’m here and I couldn’t imagine it any other way.




VCU’s initiative to go green encourages students to reduce, reuse and recycle





VCU Green Initiatives on campus

What’s your footprint? Go Green.

Virginia Commonwealth University emphasizes the need to go green and encourages the students on campus to take advantage of the programs set up for their benefit.

By: ToriaVaughan

“Once the Go Green campaign started I became more conscious of it because it was everywhere on VCU’s campus, in front of every building, door, there was always something reinforcing the habit of me learning to recycle” said student Deonte’ Jackson.

Virginia Commonwealth University has its own office, specifically dedicated to the Go Green initiative, called Facilities Management and Office of Sustainability. The offices emphasize on a daily basis to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Cabell Library, on Monroe Park campus, is also working with the Office of Sustainability in the division of alternative transportation.

According to Teresa Doherty, Head of Information and Information Services Interim Head, there is a program set up at Cabell Library in which VCU students may rent out a bike for 24 hours. Included with the bike rental, students will receive a U-lock, a key and a helmet. She said the bikes were simple, making it easy to get around without complicated gear. She also mentioned the bikes being in high demand. According to Doherty, there are currently four bikes in use on both the Monroe Park Campus and the Medical Campus.

“One bike has been checked out 150 times since spring break and only 30 times on the medical campus” said Doherty.

Most students seem to be oblivious to VCU’s green initiatives within a classroom setting.

According to student Tanner Knickles, Richmond’s water and soil consultant, Nicole Anderson Ellis, has set up solar tubes in VCU’s Trani Life and Sciences building as a replacement of light bulbs that are used in the classrooms. The idea behind the solar tubes are that they take the natural light and filter into the classroom.

“It’s beneficial for the students because according to a recent study natural light improves students’ cognition and habits,” said Knickles.

From the bathroom to the water fountain it seems as though VCU has a grip on how much they want to push forward their green initiative.

“Even the toilets have a valve that you can lift up to conserve water and push down to use more water if needed, they both have some type of control on water conservation on campus,” said student William Price.

VCU is organized and has a handle on how they want their future to go.

“It’s important that we continue to encourage students and making students more aware; if you imagine it, you can do it,” said Knickles