Ebonics as dialect…


Steve Harvey explains what ebonics is and how white America can save themselves by learning it. Check out this hilarious video to learn more.


Freaky Friday: Let’s Talk About Sex!


Carin Bondar shares with us how different species engage in this, sometimes, reproductive act. She shares with us the many ways in which animals get down to the nitty gritty and where the “power” really lies! Check her out, I promise you’ll get a good laugh and learn a thing or two!

Comedy as means of healing, is this really that funny? Or does it uphold a certain structure?


I have to admit this is a serious matter, but does the stage determine the seriousness? Who is Bill Burr’s audience and what “really” makes this comedy so “funny”? Is this true? Is this form of entertainment destructive, helpful or neither? I find it problematic but I must admit his delivery does make him funny.