We Don’t say….


We Don't say....

Words and phrases such as “No Homo, Don’t be a pussy, Man up, That’s gay” are detrimental to society’s well-being because it keeps a social structure intact that says, you’re wrong for being who you are. And if it’s wrong to be yourself, then I choose to be wrong everyday. Duke University students begin a ” You Don’t Say” Campaign. Click on the picture to check out Duke University taking a stand!


Is it still March Madness with the women’s team….where’s your bracket?


Is it still March Madness with the women’s team….where’s your bracket?

We pay  so much attention to men’s basketball that we forget about the women, who sometimes play better games. Why does 95% of the revenue of sports come from men, can women not be aggressive on the court and have respect and be “ladies” off the court? Read!

Finally, an appreciation and acknowledgement of respect.


The common stereotype for construction workers is that they are always trying to cat-call women with degrading and terrible pick-up lines. But watch these construction workers deconstruct the stereotype played against them. The women’s reaction is priceless. Ladies, what would you say?