“Fuck I look like!”


Spoken Word poet Kai Davis takes us on a journey of the parallels of being black and educated inside of the classroom. Does the vernacular and dialect of “Black folk” determine their education level?


3 thoughts on ““Fuck I look like!”

  1. Ooooo, her delivery really touched the nerves.

    I cannot speak for other schools, but around my way during the High School years, I knew several people (from the broad label of “minority”) who were highly gifted mentally, and still had their after-school attitude DURING their regular schedule.

    It could be apart of the culture of certain humans. You know, (for example) we have our vernaculars when talking and kicking it with the crew or the home girls, but lets say, Monday morning roles around for that J.O.B. We know when we answer that telephone, many of us are saying the “WHOLE worD liKe THis” (Emphasis on the capital letter pronunciations)

    For students, I guess the grades made speak for the amount of attention paid and information that is understood.

    • Yes she is very strong in her delivery. I love how she refuses to go unheard and to be so young with her delivery is excellent. Yes, vernacular in those days definitely determined class.

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