Finally, an appreciation and acknowledgement of respect.


The common stereotype for construction workers is that they are always trying to cat-call women with degrading and terrible pick-up lines. But watch these construction workers deconstruct the stereotype played against them. The women’s reaction is priceless. Ladies, what would you say?


13 thoughts on “Finally, an appreciation and acknowledgement of respect.

  1. I believe the idea here is that the ‘skit’ was making claim that the builders were nice, only because they were “not themselves = hungry”. (Snickers)


    The overall thought of shouting positive and respectful outbursts for the appreciation of the female class is inspiring, though.

    By the way, I am male.

    • Hey thanks for following the post. Yes, and this is extremely problematic in itself because men are “not themselves” when they are respectful to women. This makes me question the agenda of Snickers and what are they trying to promote to their viewers. Because if this is the case, then we need to be “starving” our men in society from their access to women and making them objects instead of subjects.

      • LaToria,

        When a person is ‘hungry’, I do not thing that it fits into the shell of a person not being themselves.

        Consider all of the married couples in this world who spouses do experience that moment of them acting in new manners and expressive ways.

        Considering our society as a whole (including myself), missing a meal or two would not be a bad idea.

        Thanks for sharing.

      • Well, that is media. That is the fine line of marketing and advertising. I do not know about you, but I have never seen a dude who was hungry and polite. I am sure there have been some, because this planet is VERY large, but to say that many have been upset over hunger is another thing.

        My overall idea of this commercial is to show that men who are hungry, are polite. Kind of messed up trait to play on, considering that we should be that way (polite and courteous) without any outside ‘assistance’ – ALL of us of this planet.

      • Great observation. That’s definitely media for you! But what makes this ironic is exactly what you said. But this means that men are disrespectful when they aren’t hungry which places normalcy on the sexualization of the female body.

      • That is not a fact. The sexualization of both genders are played in media all through out the board. Hungry or not. I think this stance of male workers in a public sector works so well, is because it was in a setting that is marketed on that specific job?

        All are not this way, and especially “builders” on their job sites. I am sure many have significant others who they pass their attention to.

      • For starters, look BEHIND the motivation that is in place for ads and the appeal that it is selling. To me, women are placed on the media pedistal, and dudes flock to that for sales, and women do as well, simply because that is what is marketed behind you gals fashion and trends.

        In theory, it is the female that makes the world go around, but the men are the ones who are dictating it.

        There is a quote by philosopher Schopenhauer, and to paraphrase his statement as closely as I can, women rule the world, and the men of the planet control that aspect of dominance simply due to the fact that you (women) are the real ones in control.


      • I am a woman in control Bc I am confident and I won’t do just anything for a dollar. However, whoever is waving the highest dollar is the one in control

      • I applaud your personal commitment to staying within your own mold. Sadly, yes. That is our world. The dollar does rule directions and etc.

        I thank you for the discussion.

        Look forward to more.

        Stay STRONG and CONFIDENT.


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