Glimpse of TV(ToriaVaughan)


Insecurities used to be my best friend but then I realized that if I doubted myself, how could I not expect others to doubt me.

Every experience in life has flourished me in ways I would have never expected. If you would have asked me years ago would I be where and what I am today,I would have laughed and said never!

Life has been a constant roller coaster going up and down but never seeming to fail in teaching me its lesson. As a student I sit back and complain, but every experience is like a quiz to the ultimate test of life.

I’m at a point in life where I will not be an option, I am the priority. Ya know, it’s funny how life works you get put through a situation, learn from it, and then get tested again. But the difference is, this time you know better. And if you don’t notice the same signs and don’t change something, shame on you.

But through HIS grace I’m here and I couldn’t imagine it any other way.



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